Seed Treat Bird Cottages by Mr. Bird

  • Our "Sedd Treat Bird Cottages" will add a touch of whimsy to your backyard while your enjoy the colorful birds these little houses will attract!
  • "Feed the birds! They're hungrey!"
  • A great gift idea for anyone who is a gardener or just enjoys the lovely feathered creatures!
  • Makes a great winter treat for the birds!
  • Each "Seed Treat Bird Cottage" comes with jute a hanger and are decorated with flora, cranberries, raisins, and millet.
  • Under the seeds, is a small wooden bird house that can used for years for come!
  • Each "Seed Treat Bird Cottage" is approximately 6" x 4" x 4".
  • Each cottage is sold seperately.
  • Great for all ages.
  • Quality you can trust from Mr. Bird
  • Choose from 3 styles:

Cottage A

Cottage B

Cottage C

Seed Treat Bird Cottages by Mr. Bird

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